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UCD Health Medi-Cal New Provider Resources

UC Davis Health and Health Net have partnered to pilot an Accountable Care Organization (ACO) program that will improve the system of care for the community surrounding UC Davis Medical Center. The program objectives include: improving outcomes, delivering care in the most appropriate settings, leveraging community programs to address social determinants of health and improving the member's experience through a personalized approach to care. Health Net is pleased to provide this orientation that includes tools and resources to assist you and your staff in caring for our Medi-Cal members and adhering to policies and procedures in accordance with your Provider Participation Agreement (PPA).

In-person training is also available. Providers who would prefer in-person training may contact Provider Relations by email to request a training session.

  • Help Your Patients Achieve Better Health Outcomes provider update (PDF)
    The Quality Management Program update provides an overview of the components of Health Net's multifaceted Quality Management program, including its quality improvement (QI) processes.
  • Save Time Navigating the Provider Portal brochure (PDF)
    You can submit claims, verify member eligibility, request prior authorization, get reports, search the Provider Library and access resources in the provider portal. This brochure describes tools and provides instructions on how to register for and manage a website account.
  • Medi-Cal Operations Guide (PDF)
    The guide is a summary of Health Net's Medi-Cal county-specific provider operations manuals and contains essential components of the Medi-Cal plan, including basic information about the public health programs available to Medi-Cal members. The guide supplements the comprehensive operational information in the complete manuals that are available in the Provider Library on the Health Net provider website at
  • Free Interpreter Services flyer (PDF)
    The Health Net Interpreter Services promotional flyer provides quick-reference contact information for providers to request no-cost telephone and onsite medical interpreter services through the Health Net Language Support Line
  • ICE Toolkit – Better Communication, Better Care (PDF)
    The ICE toolkit was produced by the Industry Collaboration Effort (ICE). ICE is a multidisciplinary team of providers, health plans, associations, and accrediting bodies that work collaboratively to implement and improve regulatory compliance. The toolkit includes provider tools and resources to care for and interact with diverse populations.
  • Medi-Cal Member Rights and Responsibilities flyer (PDF)
    The Medi-Cal Member Rights and Responsibilities flyer is an additional supplemental document which describes the member's relationships with the plan, its practitioners and providers while providing care for these members.
  • UCD Health / Health Net New Provider Attestation (PDF)
  • Health Net New Provider Training Guide (PDF)
Last Updated: 01/27/2023