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Health & Wellness: A Bridge to Healthy Actions

The power to choose, the knowledge to choose wisely

When it comes to quality health care decisions, everyone is different, and there is often more than one right answer. That is why members choose when and how to use Health Net. By providing anytime access to a wide range of information, resources and support, Health Net makes it possible to make health decisions just right for you.

Online resources at Health Net Medicare

  • RealAge Test (health assessment) – Instant results that give you recommendations and resources based on your unique health profile.
  • Step-by-step plans for losing weight, smoking cessation and nutrition are delivered through online programs and self-help tools. Coaching support is included to facilitate lasting, healthy changes.
  • Personal Health Profile – Based on your RealAge Test results, and any immunization and test records you enter, to better help you manage and track your health. You will receive suggested next steps and things to discuss with your doctor.
  • Online Wellness Resources. Make better choices for a healthier future with programs that offer you tools on:
    • healthy aging.
    • exercise, nutrition.
    • quit tobacco.
    • stress management.
    • weight loss and more.
  • Tools – health trackers (cholesterol, diet, fitness), online healthy challenges, newsletters, and more!

  • 1-on-1 consultations – Members enrolled in a condition management program can talk to the same registered nurse every time they call during business hours, and they have access to registered nurses on the Nurse24 line after hours and on weekends. Conversations are not time-limited or scripted, so our clinicians have the flexibility to help with the member's primary concern while exploring and addressing the range of issues that may be related to and complicated by it. Decision Power nurses suggest and schedule follow-up calls to make ongoing contact easy for the member.
  • 24-hour symptom management and triage support from a registered nurse on our Nurse24 line.
  • Techniques to help patients feel comfortable in talking with their doctor and expressing their values and preferences.
  • Pointers on setting achievable health goals and evaluating treatment options.
  • Ongoing guidance/support for people living with a health condition such as diabetes, asthma, heart disease, and depression.
  • Specialized support from nurse case managers to help both patients and family members deal with the complexity of complicated conditions or treatments and end-stage illnesses.

Health Net functions as a data hub on an integrated IT platform with multiple channels for bringing in and sending out information. The primary gateway is our health assessment, which gives members an instant health picture and more ways to take control of their health.

Risk stratification and predictive modeling based on data analysis enables Health Net to identify and reach out to members with chronic conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, asthma, and depression, and to others identified as high-risk.

Beyond data, Health Net uses technology in combination with open-ended questions to build the big picture. The integrated database used by the clinicians and support staff reflect claims, eligibility, pharmacy, lab tests, lab results, and prior authorization data so they can quickly identify and address other health or life issues that may aggravate a condition or influence a decision.

Craving to Quit – tobacco cessation program

Our tobacco cessation program includes telephonic 1:1 support, with web-based resources and chat help every step of the way. The tobacco cessation program covers any type of tobacco, including the use of Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems (ENDS), such as e-cigarettes and e-pipes. The program lets you talk with a quit coach for encouragement and support and offers a personalized plan to quit.

For even more information, please see the Wellness page for our prospective members.

Members have access to Health Net Wellness through current enrollment with any of the following Health Net companies: Health Net of California, Inc.; Health Net Health Plan of Oregon, Inc.; and Health Net Life Insurance Company.

For Health Net commercial members: Health Net Wellness is not part of Health Net's commercial medical benefit plans. Also, it is not affiliated with Health Net's provider network and it may be revised or withdrawn without notice.

For Health Net Medicare Advantage members: Health Net Wellness is part of Health Net's Medicare Advantage benefit plans. But it is not affiliated with Health Net's provider network. Health Net Wellness services, including clinicians, are additional resources that Health Net makes available to enrollees of the above listed Health Net companies.

Last Updated: 08/17/2023